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5 of the Best Features to Try on Senior Dating Websites

Senior dating websites help single people meet like-minded dates a little later in life. To do this, they provide a host of tools and features which help you to meet and chat online, with opportunities to arrange offline dates. If you’re new to senior dating websites, or you’ve been on them a while but haven’t fully explored them, read on. Here are five of the best features you should try when using senior dating sites…


1: Community features

Community features include forums, chat rooms, photo galleries and more. They’re sometimes overlooked (in favor of sending private messages) but in our opinion that’s a big mistake. Forums and chat rooms, for example, are great spaces to chat at ease with multiple members in one place. They’re often themed, so you can talk away about your favorite topics, which can be dating-themed or otherwise. You may even be able to set up your own chat room and set its theme, luring in other members who share your interests. This alleviates some of the pressure of a 1-on-1 chat, as various members can pitch in whenever they please.


2: Live chat

As far as we’re aware, all senior dating sites will allow you to send email-style messages to members. Whilst this is a fine form of communication, allowing you to consider your response and reply in time, it’s not quite the same as live / instant chat. This tool allows you to talk in real-time, sending and receiving messages instantaneously, so there’s much more of a sense of back-and-forth, with short messages which you can respond to quickly. For some, this gives a better sense of one’s personality as it’s not quite as long or scripted a process as email-style messaging.


3: Events calendars

If your senior dating site has events listings and calendars, you should really take a look at what they have to offer. Here, you’ll find meet-up opportunities provided by the site or its members, where you can turn up to a location and get chatting to other members from the site. This is a good way to meet multiple members in the flesh, before or after you’ve spoken to them online. You might even be able to add your own events and invite your favorite members, or just sign up for a live meet-and-greet session in your area (or further afield if you don’t mind travelling).


4: Articles and advice

Senior daters may be interested in some of the advice and articles often provided on their dating sites. These are usually specific to senior dating issues, but you can find a whole range of different articles, blog posts, newsletters and more which may be of interest. Whilst they usually focus on dating, this isn’t always the case. Some senior dating sites may also allow you to upload diary entries or your own articles, so you can share them with other members and they can respond. A dedicated support team should also be available, allowing you to ask questions about their site and dating options, should you need them.


5: Personality matching

If you’ve used a dating site before, you’ve probably performed a search to find suitable dates. However, some people neglect to complete their profile fully, or to check whether a site contains personality quizzes and tests. These services take a comprehensive look at your personality and then consider what kinds of people you’d best suit in a relationship. Afterwards, they compare your information to other members’ data, and send you a list of recommended members to speak to. You can sometimes see how your personalities compare and contrast, with a percentage grade to show you how compatible the site thinks you might be.


The lowdown…

There are lots of useful features on senior dating sites, all of which are designed to help you find your ideal dates. Community features such as blogs and forums will help you to chat to lots of members with shared interests, whilst events calendars may offer opportunities to meet up in the flesh. Live chat features will allow you to talk in real-time, for a conversational chat, whilst articles and advice columns (often specific to senior dating) are available to help fill in any gaps. Finally, check out your search options and any matching features, which will help to track down your ideal dates, saving you time and effort. Explore your dating site and what it has to offer, as everything is there to help improve your chances of meeting Mister or Missus Right-For-You.

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