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3 Ways to Save Money on a Senior Dating Website

Whilst senior dating websites can save you a lot of money in the long run, helping you to meet dates online before spending cash on meals and theatre tickets, we know that everyone likes to save a few dollars if possible. That’s why we’ve come up with a few helpful hints for ways to save money when choosing a senior dating website, so read on…


1: Sales

With so many high quality senior dating websites to choose from, they can be quite competitive with one another. This is good for you as a consumer because it means prices are lower and their sales teams also offer discounts at certain times of the year. Whilst all sites differ, we tend to find sales around the holidays, so check special times of the year such as St Valentine’s Day, New Year, or national holidays in your country. You may also find discount codes online which will offer you a sales price or added benefits which you might normally have to pay for. Simply search for a site and “discount code” on your internet search engine, and see if there’s any offer available.


2: Length of contract

Contracts can vary in length quite considerably. You might be able to take out a trial contract, allowing you limited (if free) or full (usually if the trial is paid for) use of the site’s services. From there, it’s usual to find a 1 month contract, multiple months, or a year-long contract. The longer your contract, the cheaper your month-by-month cost. Of course, this all adds up to be more money in the long-run, but you’re spending less money each month if you sign a longer contract. Long term contracts may also offer a few advantages, such as access to premium features (such as webcam options) or benefits such as profile highlighting (so your profile page will appear near the top of members’ searches). It can take a while to find your perfect date, so choosing the shortest membership package option isn’t always the best idea when it comes to your monthly fee.


3: Bonuses

Some senior dating websites may offer you incentives to perform tasks online. These tasks might include inviting your friends to join the site, or sharing their page on Facebook. The benefits? Well, these can differ, but they range from added features and site credits, profile highlighting to free membership for a limited time. Bonuses are particularly prevalent on credit-based sites (where you pay for each message you send, rather than a standard monthly fee) but you can also find them elsewhere. It might also be worth looking out for competitions on your dating site, as these can offer opportunities to win cash, free membership and other prizes.


The lowdown…

If you’re looking for a senior dating website, we recommend shopping around and sampling a few trial membership packages to help you work out which one to use. Afterwards, it’s a good idea to consider the length of your contract and how much you might save or spend based on how long you wish to use a dating site for. Take a look for deals during sales periods, including whether there are discount codes online. Alternatively, you may find that your dating site offers bonuses to its members, or competition opportunities. In short: take your time when choosing a senior dating site, as you can often receive discounts and bonuses if you’ve a keen eye and good timing.

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